The Musical Offering share a preview of Mozart party


By Alison Young | Feb 4, 2015, Classical MPR

In Mozart's day, composers made a quick buck by providing music for parties and soirées. Called Serenades, these pieces were light and, I'd guess you'd say, simple. They were meant to be background music to an accompaniment of clinking glasses, airy laughter and no end of small talk. But Mozart always gave his best to everything, and some of his most charming music comes from these occasional pieces.

This Sunday afternoon, the Musical Offering — one of the Twin Cities' finest chamber music groups, made up of Minnesota Orchestra musicians — will offer what they call a "Mozartiade." In the spirit of an 18th-century outdoor party, there will be music to enjoy, and treats to eat and drink.

Think lawn-bowling, parasols and bubbly on a perfect summer afternoon and you can almost hear his "Kegelstatt" Trio. Pianist and Co-Artistic Director Susan Billmeyer, violist Gareth Zehngut and clarinetist David Pharris join me in the Maud Moon Weyerhaeuser studio for a pre-concert recital of Mozart's trio.

Daniel Meyers